Signs of Poor Performance and Potential Failure in a Submersible Bore Pump

The design of a submersible borehole pump eliminates the risk of most plumbing issues. A good-quality pump that is well maintained can last many years with no problems. Unfortunately, poor maintenance and unforeseen factors can affect the performance of your bore pump. It's crucial to identify and address issues immediately when they arise to avoid complete pump failure, which could impact the water supply in your home. Below are three signs of potential failure in a submersible bore pump.

Plumbing: 5 Steps to Install a Solar Hot Water System

This article will outline five of the most important steps that a plumber will take when installing a solar hot water system. Keep reading to find out more! Assessing the Roof Space One of the first things that a plumber will do when working on an installation is to inspect your roof to see if there is enough space for the solar panels. If your roof is not flat or does not have enough room on it, then the plumber may be able to install a frame or post to allow the installation of solar panels.