Signs of Poor Performance and Potential Failure in a Submersible Bore Pump

The design of a submersible borehole pump eliminates the risk of most plumbing issues. A good-quality pump that is well maintained can last many years with no problems. Unfortunately, poor maintenance and unforeseen factors can affect the performance of your bore pump. It's crucial to identify and address issues immediately when they arise to avoid complete pump failure, which could impact the water supply in your home. Below are three signs of potential failure in a submersible bore pump.

Low Water Output

A decrease in water output can be due to borehole or pump problems. A low water table or decreased water supply in the borehole is a less common but probable cause of reduced water supply. Therefore, if you have been experiencing a drought in your area, check the water level in your borehole. If the water table is high, the other cause of low water output is a faulty submersible pump.

Silt and dirt buildup in the pump can block water flow, leading to low supply. A faulty check valve that's jammed in position can restrict water flow in either direction and reduce water supply. Therefore, check your pump components for blockage and failure. If you have old borehole pipes, check them for leaks, which can also lower water flow.

Short Cycling Pump

Short cycling occurs when a pump turns on and off too rapidly. This is a sign that your pump motor is overheating and failure to address the problem can cause pump failure. Below are the major causes of overheating and short cycling.

  • Pipe or filter blockage: A blockage in the pump filter or plumbing pipes causes the water pressure to build up too quickly. The sudden rise in pressure causes the motor to shut off intermittently.
  • No lubrication: A lack of lubrication causes the pump's mechanical components to grind against each other, which can cause overheating.
  • Low water table: A submersible pump relies on the water to cool the motor and other mechanical components. If the water table is low, the motor will overheat and cause the pump to short-cycle.

If your pump is short cycling, turn it off to protect the motor from irreversible damage.

Orange Stains on Water Fixtures

Orange stains on your pipes and water fixtures signify iron contamination in your submersible pump. Iron contamination arises when iron bacteria invade the bore. The bacteria combine iron in groundwater with oxygen to form rust and an orange-tinted slimy substance. This substance sticks to pumps and plumbing fixtures and clogs them. The presence of orange stains in your pump and water pipes is a sign that you need to inspect your submersible pump for iron contamination, blockage and corrosion.

Is your submersible bore pump exhibiting these signs of failure? Contact a plumber for professional repairs.