4 Ways to Tell That It is Time for Water Heater Repair in Your Home

The water heater ensures that you have a constant supply of clean water for your needs. However, as a unit ages, it will lose efficiency, affecting the quality and safety of the hot water flowing from your taps. You should constantly watch for signs that your heater has problems. Consult a trusted plumber immediately if you notice these signs of trouble with your unit.  

A Reduction in Water Flow

When you have lived in a house for a certain period, you understand simple details like the water flow rate and volume. If you have noticed a reduction in the flow rate or volume in your home, it is time to get someone to assess the condition of the heater. Often, limescale and other sediments settle at the bottom of the tank, especially when you come from a place with hard water. Cleaning out the limescale will restore an efficient flow of hot water into the taps and other plumbing fixtures. 

Water with an Unusual Colour and Smell

When the tank works well, the water coming out of it should be clear and odourless. However, if the water has a fishy, rotten egg or other odd smell, it is possible that your tank has a problem. If only the hot water is smelly and stinky, you should call the technician to assess and solve the water problem. On the other hand, if both the hot and cold-water taps have discolouration, you should have a plumber also check the water supply system. 

Odd Noises from the Heater

Water heating systems often make specific noises when in operation. If you have had yours for some time, you know the noises that fall within the normal category. Any noises that are outside of the normal range like banging, popping, and sizzling indicate possible heater issues. Banging and popping are common in heaters that have massive sediments. Sizzling is typical for tanks and piping that have some form of obstruction. In both cases, a water heater expert should assess all system components and pinpoint their cause. They will recommend a repair technique depending on the extent of the damage.

It is wise to call a plumbing expert immediately if you notice these signs of trouble with your water heater. Immediate attention helps troubleshoot the problem and resolve it before it leads to worse water damage issues. It also elevates comfort levels in your home. 

Reach out to a local plumber for hot water services and to learn more.