Plumbing: 5 Steps to Install a Solar Hot Water System

This article will outline five of the most important steps that a plumber will take when installing a solar hot water system. Keep reading to find out more!

Assessing the Roof Space

One of the first things that a plumber will do when working on an installation is to inspect your roof to see if there is enough space for the solar panels. If your roof is not flat or does not have enough room on it, then the plumber may be able to install a frame or post to allow the installation of solar panels. Typically, these panels are installed in an east-west orientation to maximise sun exposure throughout the day.

Installing the Water Tank

Next, the plumber will install a water tank in your home. The water tank holds the heated water and keeps it ready for use in the home by allowing the energy from the sun to heat all of your household's potable water. These tanks are typically installed above ground, though the plumber may place some below ground depending upon preference or necessity.

Configuring the Piping and Wiring

The plumber will then install any necessary piping needed to bring cool water into the tank and return heated water into your home's plumbing system. They will also need to install wiring so that they can connect this system to your home's electrical grid.

Calibration and Testing

Once the installation process is complete, a plumber will calibrate and test the solar hot water system they just installed to ensure that everything is running smoothly. This calibration process involves checking all of the wiring and components within this system for defects or malfunctions, which could lead to low-quality output or an interruption in service. Finally, the plumber will give you the green light to use your new system if everything is working correctly.

Clean Up and Paperwork

Once everything is finalised and perfect with your installation, a plumber will clean up before leaving. They will remove any items that were not needed for this project and pack up their tools so that they can be removed from your home. Finally, they will typically provide you with all of the necessary paperwork related to permitting and installation approvals so that you have it ready should you need to show these documents to someone else in the future.

To find out more, contact a solar hot water system supplier today.