Want to Maintain a Functional Commercial Plumbing System? 3 Maintenance Tips for You

Commercial plumbing faces a different set of challenges from the domestic type. First, you might have more people relying on the system than you will in the home set-up. Secondly, the people who visit and use facilities like restaurants, hotels and spas do not practice as much caution when using your plumbing as they do in their homes. If you run any of these commercial facilities, it's good to pay much attention to your plumbing system to avoid unnecessary problems.

4 Reasons Why You're Getting Brown Water From Your Plumbing Pipes

Are you getting brown water from your plumbing fixtures? Water discolouration can cause inconveniences in a home. It makes it impossible to take showers, cook and do laundry. Brown water may be unsafe for use, depending on the cause of the discolouration. Therefore, it's imperative to establish the problem and fix it to protect your household from potential health problems. Below are four reasons you might have brown water in your piping system.

What Causes Tap Leaks in Homes?

Leaking taps not only make annoying noise and waste a lot of water but can also strain your residential drains by making them work overtime. Additionally, the leaks can encourage mould to grow by raising humidity levels in a room. If you have tap drips in your home, you should get them fixed ASAP to avoid or minimise these problems. But what causes tap leaks in the first place? Many different factors can contribute to this problem.