Key Signs You Need a Leak Detection Service

As a plumber, one of the more frustrating experiences you can encounter is a leak you can't find. If a customer calls on you for assistance but you're not able to offer a full fix, this can have a harmful impact on your business. If this happens to you, you may need to use a leak detection service. Here are some key signs that a professional leak detector may be necessary for completing your next job.

Unexplained Low Water Pressure

Despite your best efforts, you may sometimes find that unexplained low water pressure becomes a problem. Low water pressure can become a key sticking point for clients, as they need a steady flow of water to remain hygienic, clean their home and wash their clothes. Once you eliminate causes such as shut off valves not opening and pressure regulators failing, you may start to look for leaks.

Using methods such as acoustic detection, your leak detecting professional can identify when leaks are happening during periods of high water pressure. This can help them identify hidden cracks, which in turn gives you an opportunity to fix them for your customers. 

Sudden Water Bill Increases

Never underestimate the power of a small leak. While a few drops of water here and there may not seem as though they're going to cause major issues, in time they can cause your customer's water bills to increase substantially. If someone comes to you saying that their bills are sky high but you cannot identify an obvious cause, a leak detection service can take you to the next stage of your work.

One unidentified leak cause is old pipes that are corroding. As corrosion often occurs on the inside, it isn't always possible to see where the problem is coming from. Going through each individual pipe to identify a leak can become time-consuming. By using a professional leak detector, you can rapidly identify the problematic pipe, address it quickly and leave your customer feeling satisfied. 

Mysterious Wet Spots Appearing

Wet spots can appear on a customer's carpet or walls for any number of reasons. It's always worth them assessing whether their home has any structural issues contributing to the problem. However, many customers will want to eliminate potential plumbing faults first.

With a leak detection service, you can either rule out or address plumbing complications. Professional leak detectors operate with a high degree of accuracy too. As a result, you can offer targeted solutions that impress your customers. Contact a leak detection service to learn more.