How to Get the Most Out of Your Sprinklers While Keeping Your Lawn Alive During the Drought Season

Summer heat can rise to the extreme when rainfall is scarce. Droughts can cause crop failures, bush fires as well as unavailability of water for many households. If you rely on your garden for sustenance, restricted water usage during droughts can be a significant concern. Your landscaping efforts will not be spared either as lawns take the full brunt of the drought. 

Therefore, you must strike a healthy balance between efficient water conservation and proper lawn care. Read on to learn a few tips on getting the most out of your sprinklers while keeping your lawns alive during the drought season.

Stay Informed on Water Laws and Restrictions 

Always remain updated on water laws and restrictions affecting your city. Compliance with the law is crucial since going against such ordinances can attract hefty fines and legal problems. If you are not sure about existing laws, consider calling the water department for clarification. Work with a certified plumber who understands these laws before installing and using a sprinkler system. 

Don't Shut Down Your System Completely.

While your local authority may impose a temporary emergency ban on watering lawns, some cases may only need a reduction. Therefore, try not to turn off the sprinkler system completely. Doing so exposes your sprinkler system to vulnerabilities, including clogs, leakage, cracks, rusting of pipes and components, etc. 

Thorough Sprinkler System Inspection and Repairs

The presence of cracks and leaks on your sprinkler system can mean a significant loss of water. Excessive water loss can potentially cause patchy lawn growth, depletion of soil nutrients and flooding. Consider all these issues and solicit help from a professional plumber to have them fixed. 

Consider Watering after Sunset

Watering your lawns is best done after sunset to prevent excess evaporation. That means better water absorption and sun damage prevention to the grass and plants. You're likely to be present at home during this time, which means better control of your sprinklers.

Install an Eco-Friendly Sprinkler Control System

The conventional drip irrigation system or portable, oscillating sprinklers cause a lot of water wastage. Most homeowners may forget to turn off such sprinklers and leave them running longer than required. Depending on the capability of a portable sprinkler, it may be less effective in spraying the water to all the critical areas of your lawn.

The best approach to this issue is to install eco-friendly sprinklers with the proper controls. They are useful in helping you regulate water usage. Not only will your lawns receive sufficient water during the drought season but also help increase your property's value, save you more time, and money in the long run. Reach out to a professional for more information about sprinklers