Avoid These Mistakes During a Hot Water System Installation

Installing a hot water system in your house will help you get a reliable supply of hot water, which comes in handy, especially during the cold months. Luckily, a regular water heater is affordable and available to most people today. Though it does not take much to operate a hot water unit, installing it is not so easy. People tend to overlook various small details when buying or installing hot water systems that result in issues after some time. Avoid these three errors when installing the system.

Purchasing the Wrong Size

It is not uncommon for homeowners to purchase hot water supply systems that are not the right size for their needs. Some buy bigger units than they need, while others purchase hot water units too small to meet their needs. Getting the ideal size will help you save money on the initial and running costs and will guarantee a constant supply of warm water. Therefore, you might need to get an expert to help you choose the ideal hot water unit for your house.

Soldering of Pipes

The best way to create a connection between your tank and water line is through soldering. However, since plastic is the primary material used in making most water tanks, using a propane torch close to them can end up damaging the tank. So, ensure the propane torch never goes close to the water tank to avoid such issues.

A simple solution to this is to disconnect the pipe nipples, add a small pipe segment and then solder it to the nipple. That way, you don't have to solder the pipes near the water tank.

Using Incompatible Connections

Most people are not keen when it comes to assessing the compatibility of different metal pipes. Even a small difference of 0.1 mm diameter can have serious effects. If you join incompatible metals, the risk of the joints failing increases, leading to corrosion. You should, therefore, ensure you are not only using the same size of pipes but also the same material.

If you have copper water pipes in your home, then you must use copper connectors, or another material compatible with copper. If you are not sure the types of metals that are compatible with each other, get help from an expert.

These are some errors you should never make when installing a hot water system as they could have serious consequences. Working with an expert plumber is the best way to ensure proper installation of the hot water system. Expert plumbers know the right steps to take and the mistakes to avoid during the installation process.

If you're ready to get started on your hot water systems installation or want more information, reach out to a local plumber.