Top Signs That Your Water Line Needs Repairs

While the supply of clean, running water is normal in some neighbourhoods, it is not the case in others. Unfortunately, it is common to come across some homeowners who take the clean water flowing from their home taps for granted. That is, until the quality of running water falls, which can happen at any time. The reason is that clean water is delivered via a single line to most homes. For this reason, it is critical to look out for signs of water line deterioration so that plumbers can address the problem early. This article highlights signs that you need water line repair

Sudden Water Pressure Drop -- Adequate and consistent water pressure is necessary for comfortable living. However, most homeowners experience a sudden drop in water pressure at some point. It is even worse for multi-story homes or apartments because pressure reduction makes it difficult for water to reach the upper floors. Therefore, if you are experiencing a sudden drop in water pressure, it could be a sign that there is a problem in the waterline. Common causes of low water pressure include shut-off valve malfunction, a faulty pressure regulator, and corroded or clogged pipes. Professional plumbing services are best equipped to handle such problems.

Unexplained Rise in Water Bills -- With the rising cost of living, most homeowners are conscious of their bills. Notably, homeowners should strive to keep their water bills as low as possible, and there are different ways of achieving this. For instance, closing all faucets tight to prevent water drips goes a long way in preventing water wastage. However, if you cannot explain a rising water bill despite taking all the precautions, there might be a leakage along a water line. Leakages in a water line are difficult to detect, and that is why they are easy for an untrained eye to miss. The first place a plumber will inspect in such circumstances is a water line to rule out potential issues.

Water Puddles on Yard -- Water mains run below the ground and across the front yard or backyard of most properties. While moisture on a yard is common, especially after precipitation or dew, unexplained water puddles paint a different picture. Water puddles that do not seem to disappear indicate that the underground water line is damaged because of breakage or corrosion. Consequently, it causes water to rise, thereby puddling up your yard. In such cases, call plumbing services for immediate repairs before your yard gets water lodged.