Why Install an Outdoor Gas Storage Water Heater?

If you've decided to go with a gas storage water heater, then you can use a standard indoor unit or install one outside of your home. Outdoor units do have some benefits that you might find useful. What are they?

You Don't Lose Indoor Space

If you decide to install a storage water heater indoors, then you have to find somewhere for the unit to go. If you want a decent amount of water storage, your unit is likely to be sizeable; it will need a fair amount of space.

While this isn't a problem if you have a lot of spare space in the right place indoors, it can be a headache if you're short on room. If you install an outdoor unit, then this isn't an issue. The heater lives outside your home where you're more likely to have spare space that you won't miss. You don't lose any space inside.

You Get a Better Supply

Small gas storage water heater units work fine; however, you may find that they can't produce enough water quickly enough for your needs. It won't take much for hot water to run out.

If you have a larger household with multiple showers or baths, then you want hot water in different locations and at different times. You don't want to be the person who has to wait for the water to heat up because everyone else has depleted the tank.

Outdoor gas storage water heaters tend to be bigger because they take advantage of more open outdoor space. They store more water and deliver it more effectively. They also heat water up pretty quickly as you use it.

You Don't Have to Rely on Electricity

Some hot water storage heaters work on electricity; others use this power as part of their system, say in an ignition switch or burner. In either case, you could be left with a headache if your power goes out. The system might not work and you won't necessarily have any hot water.

Some outdoor storage water heaters don't need to be hooked up to your electricity supply. They solely use gas. So, even if your power goes out, you'll still have a constant supply of hot water.

To find out more about outdoor units and their benefits, ask your plumber for advice. They can show you popular models that might suit your home, such as the Rheem Stellar water heater.