6 Benefits of Tankless Hot Water Systems

If you are considering your options for hot water installation in your home, you might be struggling to decide between a hot water system that includes a storage tank and a tankless hot water system. Here are six reasons why tankless hot water systems are the best option for some households.

1. Lower Bills

Hot water systems that include a tank waste energy by heating up a tank full of water that might not be needed. The system must use energy to keep the water in the tank at the required temperature. Even if the tank has insulation to reduce energy loss, this ongoing heating can use a large amount of electricity, leading to high household bills. In contrast, tankless systems heat energy only when you turn on a hot water tap, which helps to save energy.

2. No Cold Showers

Tankless hot water systems heat water on demand, which means that there will always be hot water available when you need it. In contrast, systems that rely on storage tanks can leave you shivering in the shower once you have used up all the hot water in the tank. In that case, you wouldn't be able to get any more hot water until the system heats up another full tank.

3. More Space at Home

Tankless hot water systems have much lower space requirements than systems with a tank. This factor could be important if you live in a small apartment with very little storage space.

4. Safer

Hot water tanks present a serious health risk if they are not maintained at the correct temperature. Dangerous legionella bacteria can grow in hot water tanks where the temperature is not high enough, putting your family's health at risk.

5. Fewer Maintenance Needs

Hot water tanks are vulnerable to developing problems that require repairs, such as leaks or rust or sediment forming within the tank. As a tankless system does not include a tank, there are fewer parts to break down, which could lead to lower long-term maintenance costs.

6. Ideal for Small Households

Tankless hot water systems sometimes struggle to heat enough water to meet simultaneous demands on the system. For example, it might not be possible to take a hot shower while running the hot tap in the kitchen. However, when you live alone or in a small household, these simultaneous needs for hot water rarely arise, making a tankless hot water system perfect for your needs.