Why You Should Not DIY That Recurring Blocked Drain

If you take pride in the work of your hands or are simply one of those people who will look for any way to save their money, you probably engage in a significant number of do-it-yourself projects around the home. However, while DIY endeavours can help you with improving your house both functionally and aesthetically, some ventures should be left to the professionals. One of those ventures is trying to fix a recurring blocked drain. In some scenarios, some blocked drains are fixable with perhaps a plunger, but if you find that you are experiencing the same blocked drain problems reputedly, you need to hire a plumber before you have a disaster on your hands. Below are a couple of convincing reasons why you should not DIY that recurring blocked drain.

DIY blocked drain repairs cannot precisely diagnose the underlying problem

Even as an avid DIYer, it is unlikely that you have the specialised equipment that is required to pinpoint the cause of your recurring blocked drain accurately. A reputable plumber will be armed with CCTV inspection cameras that they will snake through the troublesome drain. They can then tell via live video footage what the underlying problem is. This precise diagnosis of the plumbing problem goes a long way in ensuring that not only are the correct repairs carried out, but also they are underway in a timely manner. Hence, you will be rid of your blocked drain problems sooner by calling a plumber than if you chose to DIY the repairs!

DIY blocked drain repairs are uninsured

What you may be unaware of when it comes to blocked drains is that your home insurance will not cover water damage or any other unfortunate occurrences in the event that the DIY process goes badly. Therefore, when you choose to embark on blocked drain repairs on your own, do so knowing that any damages to your property will have to be paid for out of pocket, which is more expensive than simply calling a professional plumber to come and deal with the problem. Hiring a plumber comes with two fundamental advantages. First, since they are trained to embark on these repairs, there is a minimal risk of anything going wrong. Second, if something is to go wrong, a licensed plumber will have liability insurance. Therefore, the plumber's insurance will cover any property damage coming about due to undertaking blocked drain repairs!