Is It Time to Contact a Blocked Drain Specialist Plumber?

Some home remedies usually unclog minor clogged drains. However, there are some instances when contacting a blocked drain specialist plumber is the best solution. When are these times, and what are good drainage practices?

When You Notice Slow-Draining Water

If you happen to note that water drains slowly, try applying home unclogging remedies to see if it drains quicker. This includes the use of tools and substances like a plunger and baking soda. If the water drains quickly, you have a minor blockage. If your home remedies do not work, call a blocked drain specialist immediately before the situation worsens. Sometimes, the problem may not be in your home but in the main sewer piping outside.

When You Notice A Foul Drain Smell

If you happen to notice a strong, pungent smell from your drain that does not clear over time, and you can sometimes smell it when you are outside, call the plumber to have a look. This should also be the case even when you don't see any slow-draining water; it's better to be safe than sorry. There might be a blockage forming and it might be in the early stages. Don't wait until the drain or sewer content reverses into your sinks or bathroom, usually referred to as backflow.

Backflow is another circumstance that may necessitate you contacting a blocked drain specialist plumber because the smell and sight of the backflow are usually unbearable. You don't want to experience one of these!

If You Experience Frequent Minor Clogs

If you notice that you have to frequently unclog your drains, there might be an issue somewhere in the piping. Over time, the piping may have undergone wear and tear and there might be a section where debris gets stuck. Call a plumber to have a look; a replacement might be required.

When You Spot Wastewater Pipe Leaks

You might see leaking wastewater pipes if piping is above ground or is shallowly buried. It can also be accompanied by a foul smell. This can be a sign of either a blockage or a worn-out drain pipe. Contact your plumber for an inspection; you might need unclogging services or a pipe replacement.

Best Drainage Practices

Even though a plumber will fix your drainage problems, you should always practise good drainage behaviour. This means that you should not flush down any material that can cause clogs. Such materials include nappies, cotton wool, wipes, tampons, condoms, grease, oil, a lot of hair, etc.