Are you worried about a possible water leak?

Have you noticed an unexpected increase in your home water consumption? Are you concerned that you could have a hidden leak somewhere on your property? Perhaps you have tried turning off your home water supply and noticed that your smart meter is still registering water consumption. Even if you can't see any water flowing, it is possible that there could be a leak hidden out of sight. If you suspect there is a leak, then it is important that you act without delay and call a plumber experienced in water leak detection.

Why water leaks matter

If you can't see water running down your walls or across your floor, then it can be tempting to ignore the possibility of a water leak, but you shouldn't take that risk. If your property is on a water meter, then all of the time the leak persists, it is costing you money. However, the cost of the water may be the least of your concerns. You may not be able to see the water leak, but all of that water is still going somewhere, and it's quite likely that it is causing significant damage around your home. If the leak is left unrepaired, then that damage will eventually become obvious, but by that time the cost for repairing the damage could be a major expense.

How can a plumber help?

For successful water leak detection, then, you must have the right equipment. If the leak is hidden behind a wall, you are not going to be able to see it, and so you are forced to rely on technology. A good plumber will be able to bring with them acoustic devices, such as ground microphones and acoustic amplifiers, to pick up the sound of hidden leaks. If acoustic detection is unable to pinpoint the exact nature of the problem, then your plumber may be able to use video inspection to assess the situation and to identify the most appropriate repair solution. By tracking the water leak to its source, the plumber is able to minimise the amount of disruption to your property. The alternative would be tearing down walls in search of the leak. Even if the leak is eventually located in that way, the repair costs to your home could be extremely high.

Talk to your plumber, like those at State Wide Leak Detect, every time you need water leak detection services. He will be able to find any leak and identify the most effective repair technique.