How Can a Plumber Deal With a Slow Draining Toilet?

When you are faced with a toilet that drains slower than it should do, you will usually notice that the bowl fills up and looks like it might start to spill over into your bathroom. This is usually caused by a blockage nearby and you will need to have this sorted out for you before the issue gets worse. Partial blockages may lead to slowly draining toilets but fully clogged up pipes will inevitably lead to sewage backing up. To avoid a potential health hazard in your home, call a plumber immediately who will be able to deal with the problem.

U-Bend Checks

Firstly, any plumbing professional should inspect the U-bend of your toilet for a localised problem. Sometimes, material that has been flushed into your toilet cannot get around the U-bend and this may mean that your drainage pipes are fine and that the problem lies within your home. Most plumbers will be adept at using a toilet plunger to force any clogged up material free from the U-bend where it can continue its journey. If not, then they may have specialised tools at their disposal which allow them to pull the material back up so it can be disposed of elsewhere.

Drainage Rods

If your toilet's U-bend has been found to be clear of any material that might have been blocking it but the bowl still drains slowly, then the next place your plumber will check is in your drains. Most Australian homes have a foul water drainage system that connects to a sewer or a cesspit. Your plumber should check your drainage system by lifting its inspection pit covers. If there is stagnant water sitting in them, then this is a sign that there is a blockage further down the line. Most plumbing professionals will be skilled at using drainage rods that they insert into your underground pipes to clear blockages and to get the wastewater flowing once more.

Water Jet Blockage Clearing

If drainage rods have not been able to shift the problem, then a further measure is available to most plumbing experts. These days, a typical plumber will have a highly pressurised gadget which squirts water down drains to clear away clogged up sections. They are particularly effective at covering big distances between inspection pits and some even carry cameras so that a recording can be made of where the problem originated. In turn, this should mean your toilet drains properly once more and it can also be useful for settling disputes with neighbours who share access to the same sewage outlet.